Frequently Asked Questions
Our Plans
What's included in my house plans?

You will receive the complete architectural plan set (18-20 sheets) that includes the materials list, floor plan, elevations, sections, foundation and roofing plan, electrical plan, construction details, door and window schedule. All drawings are to architectural scale, and placed on standard sized sheets for printing.


Our DIY plans comes with all of the drawings listed above, in addition to step-by-step instructions and diagrams.

How will I receive the plans?
Do you offer house plans in the Metrics system?
Do you off customizations or modifications on the plans?

We offer customization options for customers after purchase, for an additional project fee. 

Our team of designers and engineers will work with you on modifying the plan to better suit your needs. 


To request for customization, reach out to us at

What type of modifications can you do?
Will my builder or architect be able to make modifications?
The Building Process
Are the plans stamped by an Architect or an Engineer?

All of our plans are designed by licensed architects and engineers, but the drawings set exlude any stamps. Many municiplaties don't require a stamp for single house projects, the municiplaties that do will require a stamp from an in-state architect/engineer. 


If required, you can take these plans to a local architect/engineer to get approved and stamped. 

Can I get a building permit using these plans?
Are these plans designed to the building code?